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Succes is in the preparations: Define flexibility in the process and know the devil is in the detail. All risks must be managed in all aspects of a project. Scroll down!


From visionary innovative ideas to accepted reality in the maritime world, is a path that will pass different stages, each requiring different expertise. Berrens Maritime provides consult in all stages.

Interim Management

Berrens Maritime assists maritime projects and companies that at some stage require temporary management assistance.

Project Management

From start up to closure: all phases in a project are defined and controlled. A large range of aspects will pass along the way. To run all this efficiently is our core business.

Contract Management

When contracts in maritime projects are complex, all stakeholders involved are vigilant in order to avoid mishaps. Timely flagging and proper communication are keys.

Stakeholder Mediation

In maritime projects large interests can be at stake. Sometimes these interests seem to clash between parties involved. Berrens Maritime assists in finding the common goal.


Be it teambuilding, interface meetings, HAZID’s or HAZOP’s or lessons learned sessions. A knowledgable, independent third party facilitator will be effective help to reach required goals.

Engineering Management

Engineering is the very base of a maritime project and thus it must be calculated on solid judgement called by experts. Timely coordination of defined deliverables is key here.

Subcontracting Management

If a project needs to subcontract parts of the work. These contracts can be projects in itself to manage.


Different expressions are used for quality asssurance, quality control, safety for personell at yards or at sea, health and environment. All aspects have their own importance and can be separate scopes in a project to be managed.


All prepared, the execution of a project must be oranised to the finesse: Certified personell in place at the right time, as well as equipment. Superintendency requires to have it all fall in place at the exact right moment to safely execute the works.

What others are saying about Berrens Maritime

berrens maritime

… Please accept also our gratitude to you personally for your pragmatic and cooperative approach that proved so succesfull.

Mr. Troy LulashnykDirector General Global Partnership Program

It has been my pleasure being part of your successful projects. I would like to thank you and the organization for your trust and friendship.

Personally, I witnessed the full dedication of you and other colleagues to the projects. I believe the attitude you guys expressed towards clients and projects are part of your culture and part of the success story.

Sam Sheng WangManaging Director Petro-Offshore Engineering, Tianjin - China

..big boss should thank you for your great effort in securing this vessels for this installation job..

mr. Yong Yun RaoDeputy GM COOEC Installation Co.